Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bandwagon.

The polymer clay bandwagon, that is. That's right. I have been wanting to try my hand at polymer clay for quite some time, and after some consideration and spending a bit more money that I probably ought to have, I am having a grand old time learning and playing and sculpting away!

My new creations are starting to appear in my shops. Right now they are pretty basic things, but I am planning on doing some much more detailed work, once life settles down.

Speaking of life settling down -

Due to some unexpected turns of events and life changes, my husband and I will be moving within the next two weeks. Because we are completely caught off guard, nothing in my house is packed. Literally. Nothing. So we will be rushing around like headless chickens for the next few weeks, trying to get everything we need done before we leave our apartment and move.

WHAT THIS MEANS: While it's not the best news for us, there has never been a better time to buy items from my shop - all my wooden charms are massively discounted and shipping prices have been reduced - Everything that can go should go - I want to clear out inventory so I'm not stuck moving it. Now would be the time to order order order!

Of course, this also means that my shop will be taking a very brief vacation sometime in the next few weeks, because of the whole moving situation. Don't worry - I will let you know beforehand when I plan to leave, so you have plenty of time to order before my shop goes into vacation mode.

But what we should take from this is that I am still commited to providing unique and charming gifts, and no life changes, no matter how big or disappointing, will keep me from that goal. This may just end up being the opportunity I need to turn my hobby into the business I want it to become.

You can check out the new items in my shops here:

Check back often! There are new items every day!

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