Thursday, April 15, 2010


A few weeks ago, I walked into a local bookshop with one of my charms and asked if they had ever thought about consigning with local artists. After waiting to hear back from them, and calling several times a week to see what progress was being made, I am now sitting here holding a consignment contract in my hand.

And I have mixed feelings.

Since the bookshop has only ever consigned books and never gifts, the contract is geared only toward books. The wording is a little vague, and it makes me a bit leery to go ahead and sign it without further clarification. I am tempted to either call or stop in and ask to sit down and go over some details with the bookstore owner or the gift buyer, just to be sure we are on the same page. I would hate to get a raw deal here. But at least I would have a deal.

But this also means that my charms will be getting real life exposure as soon as I work out the details and get a display together. Right now I have 18 pieces ready to be sold, and will have more as soon as I get tiles printed off.

This could mean very good things.


  1. Well done, I hope you get more clarity on the contract and that it brings many sales your way

  2. Do clarify the contract. It sounds like a local shop which is good so you can stop in and check on your things. Consignment can be great or you can get burned so go with your gut instinct to clarify everything. If they balk, walk away.