Friday, April 23, 2010

Updates and Shop SALES!

First of all:

This week marks the centennial anniversary of Mark Twain's death. In honor of this anniversary, Mark Twain charms will be half-price in my shop until Saturday! You can check them out here:

This is a FANTASTIC deal! And it comes just in time for graduation gifts, mother's day, and all those important spring events!

Second of all:

I have this saying that everyone and their grandmother has an etsy shop. To prove my point, I have located MY grandmother's etsy shop. You can all check her out and satisfy your vintage needs by going here:

She's made quite a business for herself. I wish I had half her success. I keep working for it.

And finally:

I am currently working to fill an order on a photo charm, as well as putting together some new charms for the shop. What's in store for Happily Ever Always, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Coming soon:

Jane Austen - featuring a hand-tinted portrait of the author and quotes from five of her novels, all on a lovely spring green background.

Charles Dickens - featuring a portrait of the author and quotes from five of his works, all on a tan background.

The six wives of Henry VIII - Portraits of all the Annes, Catherines, and the Jane, all produced to look slightly antique. The name of each wife is printed on the corresponding portrait. This is perfect for the English history buff in your life (and even for people who just enjoy watching The Tudors on TV)

A breast cancer awareness charm - This charm features a breast cancer ribbon, a pink rose, and four words that I feel describe the millions of women battling breast cancer: Strength, Hope, Life, and Courage. The images are pink on a white background. This charm will be available as-is, or can be customized to feature the photo of a special someone and a message "in honor of (name here) breast cancer survivor (date)" or "In memory of (name here) (dates)"
A portion of the proceeds from this charm will go toward breast cancer research. I am hoping to have it posted sometime in May.

In other news, I am still waiting to hear from the bookstore on the consignment deal I have been trying to make with them. After reading through their contract, I actually ended up writing my own, which I think is a little more detailed than the original, but still staying within the basic parameters which the bookstore wanted to maintain in the original contract. I dropped the new one off on Tuesday, and while I wish I could say I'm a patient person and will wait calmly for a week before contacting them, I would only be kidding myself. I am (figuratively) crawling out of my skin in anticipation, and really hope they accept my re-write. I have worked hard on my display and would be upset if it was all for naught.

I am also looking for a way to post my consignment contract online so it would be available for other people and places to review, in case they like my work. So far I haven't had much luck, but I am considering just creating another blog for the sole purpose of the contract. I will let everyone know when I have figured out what I want to do.

Until then, I need to get ready for work. I am looking forward to the day when I no longer wait tables, but that day is not today.

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  1. Your charms sound delightful. I'm a book addict, especially the classics. If you are looking to post your contract, you can create the same contract in google docs, then you can upload it to a page in your original blog. since you are on blogger, you can create individual pages and then link to them. they are also visible on your blog. If interested, I can give you a good tutorial. found you through Zibbet community. You can write me at fantasydreamknits (at) gmail (dot) com.