Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Products and Other Stuff!

First, new products:

For all those who have been waiting, Charles Dickens is now available in my shops! You can find him here-

And now the other stuff:

My sale on Mark Twain Charms didn't go over well. I guess that's not entirely surprising. I will continue to work hard to get myself out there and put my charms in the public eye. I just wish it wasn't quite so frustrating to do so - it feels like I am always working and seeing no return. But here's hoping that hard work will yield a good return, even if it's not right away.

A note about shipping price.

It has been remarked to me that my shipping costs are quite high, as I charge six dollars for domestic shipping on single items ($3 if it's with another item). I understand this apprehension, but let me defend the decision:

My shipping prices are on the same scale as those of professional websites.
$6 per item just covers the cost of the shipping. I assure you I am not pocketing any of it.

Where is this money going?

1. Shipping USPS priority mail to ensure your package arrives quickly
2. Including a tracking number with your package so you can monitor its progress through the mail.

My theory is this:

I work incredibly hard for my money, and I rarely buy things online. Buying online takes a tremendous amount of trust - not only are you trusting that the product advertised is what you really want, but trusting the unseen seller and trusting the mail-service to deliver the product to you in the proper condition. So much can go wrong with an online transaction, and I want to be certain that what I buy is something I will truly be able to enjoy. Since this is my line of thinking, I cannot fault anyone for feeling the same way. I do everything in my power to accomodate that line of thinking.
I could just pop the charm in a bubble mailer, slap an address on it and hope it gets to where its headed safely and promptly. But I would never order something shipped that way, so how could I expect someone else to?

You work hard for your money - you deserve to have the security and peace of mind of knowing that the product you've invested in is not going to be lost or damaged in transit.

So yes, I could save a few dollars on shipping, but the consumer would not recieve the quality and peace of mind that comes from shipping with a slightly more expensive alternative.

I would love to hear thoughts on this. If you agree or disagree with my philosophy, or if you have ideas on how to save money on shipping and still retain quality, let me know! I'd love to hear from you! Feedback is appreciated (and may possibly be rewarded ;) )


  1. Well, this is how I ship and it is stated clearly on my policy page in my shops. Each item purchased is put in a Cotton Filled Gift Box tied with Ribbon and shipped either in a Bubble Mailer or Shipping Box(depending on how many items ordered). I use to wrap everything in bubble wrap as well, but don't now (at least not in bubble mailer)because all of my items have arrived safely to their destination. I have shipped as far away as Florida & Mass. The only thing I do not like to do myself is when people order and pay by check, I can not print out a nice shipping lable (like through paypal) and have to hand write. I have ordered lots on line and sometimes am surprised by how some looked shipped (outside) but the item I purchased was always fine and what I expected. Because my prices are low I only ship through USPS and with paypal you get a tracking #. I always e-mail the buyer this number so the can track its journey. When its sent without tracking I still e-mail the customer with the day and time of day I shipped it. That way if it does not come within 3-5 days we know there is a problem. I have never had a problem yet.
    If it ever becomes one then I will ship all with delivery confirmation and just have to add that to my cost of product. I too want my products to arrive safely. So, for me I just keep in contact with the buyer. Leta

  2. P.S. I am a follower of your blog and invite you to check out mine~